A Teshie Guy Spends 2 Nights At Kumasi VIP Station Waiting for A Girl He Sent Over 6000 GHS to Her Via Mobile Money As They Dated for 4 Months

Nii Tetteh, a 27-year-old resident of Teshie is struggling to come to terms with the fact that a beautiful girl he met online called Nana Fosuaa has swindled him.

Nii reported spent 2 nights at the Kumasi VIP station earlier this week, waiting on Nana Fosuaa after he travelled for 4 hours to Kumasi to meet his love, whom he had been dating for 4 months via Facebook and Whatsapp.

Apparently, during their 4 months relationship, Nii sent about 6000 GHS via mobile money to his lover–and he was looking forward to their first meeting after several turn downs by Fosuaa, anytime he wanted to visit.

Even before heading to Kumasi, he sent Nana Fosuaa 200 GHS via mobile money to enable her to take a taxi and meet him at the station, he told reporters.

But he ended up spending two nights at the station–without Nana Fosuaa showing up and her phone totally gone dead.