Concrete casting workshop

Yesterday i and Christina Lewis held a concrete casting at Bitraf.
The workshop was meant to be a collective tryout of concrete as material for both art and technology.
We used a thin, low viscosity concrete, intended for use as garage floors.

We did two rounds of castings, in the second round, we added colour in the concrete. The color was a challenge in it self, as adding any substance to the concrete, alters its properties. The one i ended up using, is a pigment in powder form, normaly used for painting chalk walls

For the big candle holder shown at the intro, i milled a mold from building insulation using a 10mm milling bit for removing the bulk of the material, then finishing it up with the 6mm long ball nose.

For the small project that we did over the weekend, using a drill mounted spiral mixer in a bucket where sufficient. For the molds, we used the already mentioned machined foam block, as well as cut bottles, coke cans, crumbled paper cups, and 3d printed molds.

The 3D printed molds where especially interesting, as the low viscosity concrete capture every minute details from the print.

More results from the workshop:

 If you want to try this out yourself, have a lookout for the next workshop at Bitraf's meetup.

The Towering Inferno

No film genre is more synonymous with the Seventies than the disaster movie. (Well, apart from hairy porn movies.)

Beginning with Airport’s aviation perils in 1970, the decade saw Hollywood gamely trying to wipe out great swathes of humanity on a regular basis. Barely a week went by without some grim-faced thesp having to face an earthquake, volcano, avalanche, capsizing cruise ship, meteor or even swarm of killer bees.

But while each terrifying threat may have been different (not to mention increasingly outlandish), the formula the films employed was uncannily similar.

It invariably involved pitting a couple of big name actors against an exaggerated catastrophe, while a cast of once-famous Tinsel town stars (whose dimmed lustre handily made them both affordable and expendable) tried to stay alive until the closing credits.

Looking back, it’s hard to understand audiences’ enthusiasm for seeing silver screen luminaries meet a grisly fate. But there is no better example of this curious phenomena than The Towering Inferno (1974), a film which sets out with the sole aim of serving up some prime chargrilled celebrity.

The plot

As the world’s tallest skyscraper is officially opened, a select group of distinguished guests enjoy a lavish party on the 83rd floor.

Unbeknown to them, cost-cutting and shoddy workmanship during the construction has turned the tower into a glorified death-trap. (Presumably, Donald Trump was involved in the process.) So when a fire breaks out, the guests find themselves stuck on the upper floors with little chance of escape.

Who will live and who will die? Or, in this case, fry.

The cast

The Towering Inferno features not one, but two of the era’s most notable leading men.

Twinkly-eyed charmer Paul Newman plays the architect of the sky-scraping death-trap, while moody scowler Steve McQueen plays the fireman leading the rescue operation.

McQueen and Newman: The Towering Egos
The pair’s flinty onscreen relationship (“You fighting me or the fire?” asks Newman at one point) powers much of the film. Intriguingly, it also mirrored what was happening off-screen.

Both men saw themselves as the film’s biggest star and demanded top billing on the film. It seemed as if there was no solution until producers hatched a cunning compromise.

Famously, McQueen’s and Newman’s names are arranged diagonally across the posters and opening credits.

It may have looked like a typesetting error, but it meant that both actors could claim their name appeared first - depending if you were reading from left-to-right, or from top-to-bottom. Phew!

Inevitably, the petty squabbling didn’t stop there. After counting his lines of dialogue, McQueen discovered that Newman had 15 more than him. This prompted the self-styled ‘King of Cool’ to insist that the screenwriter write half a page of new lines for him.

Never mind Infernos, this movie was more a case of The Towering Egos.

They were expendable

Of course, the true pleasure in these films is seeing which of the expensively assembled cast of stars will get to live and who will perish. (In this respect, the Seventies disaster genre foresaw the rise of countless ‘who’s-next-for-the-chop’ reality shows, such as Big Brother. The key difference is that audiences then didn’t have to suffer some Geordie berk saying: ‘Steeeeve’s gaun tae the diiiiia-ry roooooom’ every three minutes.)

But we digress. Back in 1974, an ageing William Holden, playing the shambolic tower block’s owner, seems a sure bet for some barbecue treatment. You can almost smell the mustard sauce on him. But despite being largely to blame for the disaster, he ultimately shows sufficient contrition to secure ‘humbled survivor’ status. Result.

Richard Chamberlain: Richard
by name, Dick by nature
No such luck for dastardly Richard Chamberlain. As the electrical engineer responsible for the dodgy wiring that actually caused the fire, you’d think he might show just a twinkle of remorse – but not a bit of it. Instead, Tricky Dicky spends most of the movie hurling out insults and getting increasingly shit-faced.

So when a rescue chair winch is set up and Chamberlain, in the process of forcibly skipping the queue, callously kicks several other guests to their death (including – gasp! – the Man From Uncle’s brylcreem smoothie, Robert Vaughan) you know the bells are tolling.

Sure enough, a fortuitously-timed ‘sudden’ explosion blasts out the winch, breaks the rope and sends dastardly Dicky plunging to his death.

And still the stars keep coming. Former Fifties heartthrob Robert Wagner turns up briefly as a sleazy PR man who’s having a secret affair with his secretary. After a sweaty tryst in his office, the pair find themselves trapped by the encroaching fire.

With a fiery doom fast approaching, Wagner makes a kamikaze dash for help. We later learn it was a forlorn effort when the remains of his charred watch are discovered. But the film never resolves the fate of his girlfriend.

Still it wouldn’t be the only time Wagner left a woman to die in mysterious circumstances. Just ask Natalie Wood.

Perhaps the most undignified death is saved for screen legend Jennifer Jones. An Oscar-winning star of the Forties and Fifties (Duel In The Sun, A Song For Bernadette), Jones was coaxed out of

retirement for the role of a wealthy widower who is being courted by a charming conman played by Fred Astaire.

But just as their delicately handled romance blossoms, our Jenny is unceremoniously bumped off. In an ineptly staged scene, with absolutely zero sense of occasion, she simply tumbles from a damaged elevator like a piece of luggage.

Worse, nobody shows the slightest reaction to this supposed tragedy. The impression given to the audience is that, in a movie stuffed with so many competing egos and such bloated self-regard, the bigger stars were unwilling to even ‘act’ upset for the cinematic demise of such a faded name.

Poor Jenny. It’s hard to think of a more inelegant or ungraceful way for an actor to exit a film, or indeed a career. Jones never acted again. And Exploding Helicopter doesn’t blame her.

Exploding helicopter action

After a credulity-stretching amount of time, someone finally (finally!) has the idea using a helicopter to evacuate the partygoers from tower’s roof.

But in keeping with the plot’s many anti-escape contrivances (blocked stairwells, faulty alarm systems) a high wind conspires to make the air rescue a dangerous endeavour.

Sure enough, as the first helicopter comes into land, a couple of over-keen party guests run straight out onto the landing pad – literally where the chopper’s about to land – for reasons that remain unclear to this day. The pilots try to avoid crushing the people below, but the aircraft is caught in a gust of wind and crashes into the roof, exploding instantly.

Burn baby, burn. It’s a chopper inferno.

Artistic merit

Not a lot of this scene makes sense. Where have these gale force winds suddenly sprung from? What made the chopper explode instantly like that? Why were the idiot guests throwing themselves on to the landing pad in the first place?

Don’t waste any precious brain cells trying to work this lot out. Clearly, the scene’s only purpose is to put the helipad out of commission for the rest of the film.

Still, the explosion does produce a nice, juicy, fuselage-consuming fireball. But one qualm: we only get to glimpse it briefly before the action moves back inside the building.

This is strange. Given that The Towering Inferno is a big budget blockbuster – almost exclusively dedicated to blowing stuff up and burning things – shouldn’t the producers want to dwell a bit on such a magnificent sight as a flaming chopper?

Generally, yes. But in this case, perhaps the director understood just how creaky and convoluted the circumstances of the helicopter’s destruction were – and opted to whizz through the scene before anyone had time to realize how bonkers it all was.

Exploding helicopter innovation

There’s nothing new in the manner or execution of this chopper fireball, but the location is fairly distinct. The only other film where Exploding Helicopter has seen a helicopter destroyed at the top of a tower block is Die Hard (1988).

Favourite line

After sniffing some smoke one hopelessly optimistic tower worker asks: “Did you leave a cigarette burning?”

Interesting fact

Desperate to capture a truly surprised reaction from the cast, Irwin Allen actually fired a handgun into the ceiling without warning the actors, who were understandably ‘surprised’. The trick worked and he got his shot.

Review by: Jafo

Top ten ghana celebrities with big ass

ghanaian celebrities with big asses
Ghanaian celebrities are obviously endowed with big booties. They are good looking, curvy and they make our TV shows and movies interesting but we have to separate the girls from the women. Some of the female celebrities flaunt their bodies and other do not. This list features the Top 10 Celebrities with big asses and includes actresses, TV and radio personalities, presenters and so on. So lets begin from the least to the top.

Number 10

Deloris Frempong Manso popularly known as Delay has taken the tenth position. She is a succesful lady and has made headlines in the show business. She was recently challenged by Bukom Banku; he said Delay can’t handle him in bed.
Number 9

Juliet Ibrahim is also curvy and has got really good looks. Her husband is obviously ‘happy’ with her. She has made so many movies both in Ghallywood and Nollywood.
juliet ibrahim 4 juliet ibrahim 5
Number 8

Martha Ankomah is an eccentric actress and has features in many movies with actors like Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson and a whole lot. She doesn’t really flaunt her ass but still has many fans.
martha ankomah
Number 7

Luckie Lawson is seventh on the list. She has been inactive in the movie industry for sometime now. She is married with kids but still has the ‘property’.
luckie lawson
Number 6

Joselyn Dumas also won the hearts one many Ghanians when she was the hostess of the ‘One show’ which is now hosted  by Anita Erskine. Dumas has got really nice curves. Most guys admire her a lot.

ghanaian celebrities with big asses

Ghanaian celebrities are obviously endowed with big booties. They are good looking, curvy and they make our TV shows and movies interesting but we have to separate the girls from the women. Some of the female celebrities flaunt their bodies and other do not. This list features the Top 10 Celebrities with big asses and includes actresses, TV and radio personalities, presenters and so on.
Number 5

Fifth on the list is actress Vivian Okyere. She is also one the queens. She has acted a couple of movies and has gained recognition in the movie industry.
vivian okyere
Number 4

Lydia forson is undoubtedly endowed with some nice ‘back axle’. She has featured in many movies and is very calm. She expresses herself free and doesn’t really flaunt her ass. She says there many ‘endowed ladies’ where she come from.
Number 3

Third on the list is songtress, Sista Afia. She is rising very fast in the music industry and has made headlines with he hit track ‘Kro Kro No’. She has really got it
Number 2
Moesha Bodoung aka Madam Tundra has many followers on instagram and she always proves to her followers that she is worth following. She flaunts her ass in her pictures on instagram and has gained many followers. She is part of the Amakye and Dede Movie cast.
Number 1
Peace Hyde the number one on the list. She is a very calm, intelligent and endowed young lady who has won the hearts of many Ghanaians. She is a TV presenter and has some a couple of awards. Click to read more about Peace Hyde

Why you should vote Mahama

Ghana is divided as the presidential election is fast approaching today His excellency lunched his campaign
to cut the "SHORT STORY LONG" am just going to give a view reasons why Ghanaian should vote his excellency. the fact that we are all looking for change is also the reason Ghana might either raise or fall depending on the type of change we seek.

looking at President Mahama's agenda and what his already doing in the country you can tell that he has a better plan for the country. take a look at his agenda and decide for yourself
according to below is what the president has in mind for the country

Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament
Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur
Her Ladyship the Chief Justice
Honourable Members of Parliament
My presence here this morning is in fulfillment of Article 67 of Ghana’s Constitution which requires the President of the Republic of Ghana to deliver to Parliament a message on the State of the Nation at the beginning of each session of Parliament.
Mr. Speaker, permit me, to start by extending on behalf of Ghanaians, congratulations to all our Members of Parliament. In particular, I wish to acknowledge our newest Members of Parliament and extend to all of them a warm welcome of partnership in shaping the destiny of our beloved country.  As the elected President of this dear country, I wish to express my personal gratitude to all Ghanaians for the trust and confidence entrusted in me. I am fully conscious of the expectations of our people and I pledge to work with a sense of urgency and remain sincere and truthful at all times.
As I stated on January 7 when I took the oath of office, I promised, that as president of this nation, “I will work hard to place us on the right path, and I will lead us over the hurdles and past the obstacles that might threaten to keep us from meeting our goals.”
Mr Speaker, Ghana is a different place now from what it was when we began the journey towards democratic governance. We have come a long way since 1993 when the first President of the 4th Republic, Jerry John Rawlings, delivered the first State of the Nation Address under the 4th Republican Constitution. Ghana’s democratic credentials were further consolidated with the election of John Agyekum Kufuor and later Professor John Evans Atta Mills of blessed memory.
Mr Speaker, our recent Presidential and Parliamentary elections have been adjudged by both domestic and international observers as by far the most credible, transparent, free and fair since 1992. This shows that each step of our democratic journey has been marked by improvements. As Ghanaians, we must be proud of this achievement.

Mr Speaker, the Electoral Commission must take much of the credit for this feat; since our return to constitutional rule in 1992 the EC has organized six successful elections. They have conferred victory where victory was due without fear or favour in the critical periods of 2000, 2008 and 2012. Our Electoral Commission has earned, in the process, an enviable reputation as arguably one of the best electoral institutions on the African continent.
Mr. Speaker, I entered public service out of a genuine desire to help make a positive difference in the lives of our people. My vision for this country is to create a conducive national environment in which our children grow happily into responsible adults; where workers are proud to work and defend our national values; where improved maternal health reduces the hazards of childbearing; where teachers use their influence to positively mould the next generation; a Ghana in which we all create and share in the benefits.
Mr Speaker, I believe that as a country we can achieve more by working together. Togetherness will enhance our capacity to meet our urgent needs; while promoting excellence and rewarding achievement. Ghana has witnessed impressive development in the last two decades. There have been improvements in roads and social infrastructure across the length and breadth of this country. Health facilities have been expanded and access improved, and so have educational institutions with the private sector playing a pivotal role. In many respects, Ghana has witnessed many positive changes for which we must all be proud.
Real challenges however remain even as we have made these advances. As a developing middle-income country, there is still a lot more to be done to further reduce poverty, expand infrastructure and provide more social services for our people. These challenges are formidable, but they are not insurmountable.
Mr. Speaker, this administration will pursue rapid economic development with a sense of urgency in order to create new jobs particularly for our youth. In partnership with the private sector, we will expand our infrastructure in a manner that will accelerate economic growth.
We will embark on an ambitious but realistic programme of building new roads and bridges; expand electricity generation to energize our economy; increase access to good drinking water and quality healthcare for our growing population; and improve sanitation and human security for all. We aim to transform our schools, colleges, and universities to meet the demands of a new age with emphasis on technology and innovation.
Mr. Speaker, a well-designed and efficient public sector working in partnership with the private sector will be instrumental in our objective to deliver a prosperous nation.
Over the next four years, we will build an economy that rewards hard work and nurtures Ghanaian entrepreneurs and businesses whose prospects will not be tied to political cycles and patronage. As President, I am firmly focused on these goals, because these are the right things to do.
Mr. Speaker, In my first term as President, I will focus on delivering on the following, which constitute the vital pillars underpinning our national development programme.
  1. Putting the People First
  2. A Strong and Resilient Economy
  3. Expanding Infrastructure
  4. Transparent and Accountable Governance
i don't believe in the efficacy of voting neither do i believe in politics but looking at what the president is doing i believe Ghana is in a better hands. 

Unbelieveable NDC supporters abandon Mahama’s speech at stadium

The thousands of National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters that filled the Cape Coast Sports stadium for the party’s campaign launch on Sunday morning, thinned to mere hundreds as President John Mahama took to the podium in the evening.

Citi News reported that the stadium was full to capacity earlier on Sunday, with supporters even packed outside the stadium.

But the length of the programme and the President’s long speech, which was the last event on the bill, forced several of them out of the stadium as he spoke.

Source Citi News

“Gov’t has no intention to shutdown social media” – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama says his government has no such plan as shutting down social media on December 7 despite claims to the contrary.
He says preventing access to social media such as Facebook will not solve the problem of policing the integrity of the ballot.
“Government has no intention to shut down social media on election day. The Electoral Commission must agree with political parties on a credible procedure to announce the election results,” he said.
The President disclosed this when he addressed teeming supporters of the National Democratic Congress during the 2016 campaign launch at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

NDC supporters at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium
Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, has indicated the police administration is considering blocking social media on election because of the fear of false declaration of the results which he says could affect the stability of the country.

"At one stage I was even saying that if it becomes critical on the eve and the Election Day we shall block all social media as other countries have done. So we are thinking about it," he said.
Recently during his tour of the ten regions to acquaint himself with the preparation of the police ahead of the election, he reiterated in the Eastern Region that the police administration is still considering the suggestion.
“Social media has been used to spread a lot of half-truths, half-baked information and lies… We shall recommend to our principal that social media is banned…and I still stand by that," Mr Kudalor said.
The IGP’s suggestion has caused uproar in the country with some civil society groups urging the police to rescind such a decision.

BloggingGhana and PenPlusBytes say the freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution would be compromised if social media is banned in Ghana.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, June 7, the two organisations say “Social media will provide Ghanaians with a platform to participate in the monitoring of the election process to enhance transparency and national debate.”
According to them, the police should rather aim at using social media as a force for good instead of evil by encouraging decency on all social media platforms.
Touching on the issue as the NDC kick-starts its 2016 campaigns [both Presidential and Parliamentary], President Mahama said his government has been monitoring development, but has no such plans.
He rather believes it is the responsibility of the Electoral Commission (EC) to put out modalities to ensure that whoever it says won the election is accepted.
The EC and parties must agree on a credible procedure to announce the election results, he said.

Shatta Wale’s ‘Mahama paper’ fires up NDC campaign launch

What speeches could do at the NDC campaign launch in Cape Coast, a song did better.
Hiplife song, ‘Mahama Paper’ composed by Shatta Wale got large sections of the party supporters up on their feet at the Cape Coast stadium in the Central region during the 2016 campaign launch.
The song drew a notable reaction from popular boxers cum entertainers Ayittey Powers and ‘Bukom Banku’ as they geared up to lay off some dance moves.
Okay FM presenter and a John Mahama fan, ‘Abeiku Santana’, joined in the moves as the launch went on a ‘political break’ with the evoking beats of the hit song.
‘African King of Dancehall’ Shatta Wale released ‘Mahama Paper’ in October 2015. Parts of the lyrics read;
“We kill'em and ever
One day things will soon get better
Big up mi fan inna Ghana, America and Jamaica
I dey count ma paper
I no make anything fi hater hey
Gyal you are mi honey
You know say mi love you only
Mi love how you wind pon mi
You kill mi when you call me
My heart desire,
You are the only one I require, I require Forever, forever, forever
You know say I no go fi take another, another, another
Make dem talk, I no go bother,
bother, bother
If e no be you then my paper,
my paper, my paper
Oh yeah, Mahama paper, paper, paper
Oh yeah, Franklin  paper, paper, paper”
Trying to understand the song, President John Mahama while in Tamale in the Northern region reportedly said on Radio Savannah that after asking for the meaning of the song, he was told;
“Mahama Paper is our currency the cedi and that all of us spend it and that we must protect it”.
In another guess, the President has explained that ‘Mahama Paper’ may have been composed following a mix-up of his script when he was reading his speech during the 47th Ordinary Session of Ecowas in Accra last year.
“When I came to Tema this morning, we were walking to these grounds and I learnt a new song. They were playing Mahama Paper. It’s my first time of hearing it. But I was trying to wonder what the ‘Mahama Paper’ was about and I remembered that one of the times during the ECOWAS summit, my page thirteen was missing.

And so I was asking where my paper is. I’m sure that is what he used to sing the song. But I want to thank Shatta very much”.
But Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah, is reported to have explained on Kapital Radio in Kumasi that the song is about love.

“Well you know the track title is Mahama Paper. I used that because we are under the Governance of Mahama but the whole song talks about love..If you listen to the verses I was talking about a girl who should believe in a dream…It will get to a time when we are going to spend that ‘Mahama Paper’”.
“The whole song is about love. How we should love ourselves because I believe hating each other wouldn’t be the key to where ever we want to get to but when we love each other it’s going to be there”,  the self-confessed John Mahama fan has reportedly said.

The president has also picked his favourite song ‘Baafira’ by BET award winner Stonebouy.
His other choice of popular highlife song ‘Yen Tie Obia’ by veteran ‘Daddy Lumba’ generated a reaction from the opposition NPP which claimed the song represents the president’s posture to ignore concerns of ordinary Ghanaians.
 It is a political season in Ghana with a crucial general elections coming up on December 7.
Like all other elections, songs are set to define the enthusiasm of party supporters and creativity of the parties.

John Dumelo reveals why ladies are attracted to him

John Dumelo has disclosed the secrets behind his charming self, which makes him very attractive to ladies.

The talented actor who made the revelations at the Nigerian launch of Ghandour Cosmetics product range in Lagos, said keeping his hair neat is one of the features ladies find irresistible.

“I always keep my hair well cut and neat, I know a lot of boys or a lot of men who have always wanted to use the product too because it’s good for the hair.

It straightens out the hair and makes the hair look neat and it attracts the women as well.

“He explained that keeping his hair neat is also part of the reasons he was chosen as a brand ambassador for Ghandour Cosmetics, ‘Style Up’.
Even though I work with style app, I still have links with BO16 and other brands that Ghandour does. That’s the reason I’m here. I’m here for BO16 and I always support their activities”, he noted

Dancehall star says he has missed Bulldog

“I have missed him and he has missed me too. I still love him just like I loved him from the beginning,” says Dancehall musician Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale and former manager Bulldog
Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has revealed that he has missed his former manager Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog.
The multiple award-winning artiste disclosed this during an interview with Delay on ‘The Delay Show’.

When asked about what caused his fall-out with Bulldog, he said ‘there was a misunderstanding’.

“I didn’t sack Bulldog. There was a misunderstanding (which caused their split),” he said.

He added that he misses his former manager. “I have missed him and he has missed me too. I wanted to send him money via mobile money transfer because I can feel bitterness in his heart. I still love him just like I loved him from the beginning,” he said.

On whether there would be a chance to reunite and work again, Shatta Wale stated that it would only work if he [Bulldog] is ‘business minded’.

“He has to be business minded if we will work together again. Because my current team members are business-minded,” he concluded.

Bulldog ended his working relationship with Shatta Wale on October 30, 2015.

This was made known in a press release signed by Chief Executive Office of Bullhaus Entertainment, Kemderick Yehowada.

“The management of Bullhaus Entertainment wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that we no longer have a working relationship with multiple award winning artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah A.K.A. Shatta Wale effective immediately,” the statement said.

The statement added “We are humbled to have been part of the success story up until this point, and wish Shatta Wale all the best in his future endeavours. We also wish to thank Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement team for choosing us as managers for his professional career for these past years. We will forever be fans of Shatta Wale and his music and still believe in the mantra of the Shatta Movement. ‘Shatta Movement for life’”.

'I didn't know my doctorate was fake' - Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti, in an interview with Radio Univers claimed she did not know that the university did not have the necessary accreditation .

Ace broadcaster, Gifty Anti
Renowned Broadcaster and Women’s Right Activist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has come out to address reports in the media that she has part of a growing list of prominent individuals who acquired  “ fake doctorate degrees”

The report was first released by researchers from the Valdosta State University and intercepted by various media publications after the team alerted Ghana’s Ministry of Education about the unaccredited institutions and the degrees they were conferring on a number of Ghanaians.

Gifty Anti, in an interview with Radio Univers claimed she did not know that the university did not have the necessary accreditation and authority to confer the degree on her

According to the Gender Advocate, she went on Google to find out about the institution when they decided to honour her but she didn’t find anything wrong with them so she went on to accept it.

"When they brought me the letter that they wanted to honour me, there were about four people being honoured too. What I did was to Google and I saw some of the people they had given honorary doctorate from around the world and some of the places they’ve held their events," she recounted

"I didn’t read anything negative about them so I accepted it. That is all I know about. If they are fake very bad. I didn’t have a cause to believe that they are not credible.” Gifty Anti disclosed

Gifty Anti was given an honorary doctorate degree by the Global Center for Transformational Leadership in 2012.

My Music Has Saved Someone From Suicide – Jon Germain

Pop singer Jon Germain has revealed that his music once saved a woman from committing suicide.

“Sometimes, the love out there is amazing and you know, I received an email from a fan. There is this American music website called I woke up one morning and I saw a message from this woman who said, a few weeks before, all she ever thought about was suicide and then she heard my song titled: ‘With Great Intent’, which talks about the fact that even if I fall, even if I fail, I will definitely get up and make it one day, and it just changed her,” Jon Germain told Mauvie Hayford on Touch of Class on Class 91.3FM.

He noted that his songs were doing well outside the country and getting him international nominations and awards.

The radio and TV presenter, after releasing his first pop rock album called ‘This is who I am’ in 2008, has produced other works such as Enigma and In My Head.

His latest single, Threesome, which features E.L and Dee Money, is receiving massive radio and television airplay.

Source: classfmonline

2 young men attacked over attempted rape

Two young men Ali Baba, 25 and Bonat 17 have been beaten mercilessly over attempted rape at Pekyi Number 2, a suburb in the Ashanti region.

The suspects reportedly trailed and held their victim, a 40-year-old woman [name withheld] at a knife point demanding her to allow them to have sex with her.

However, the victim pleaded with them not to sexually assault her since she was in her period.

But the suspects reportedly demanded her to undress to allow them inspect if she was in indeed in her period.

After satisfying their curiosity, they requested to have sex with her despite being in her period. The victim screamed for help, and her scream attracted some young men nearby who mobilized some other youth so they could rescue the victim.

They [suspects] according to Abdul Malik Anokye were assaulted and subsequently handed over to the police.

The suspect he added, are currently on admission at the hospital, and under police surveillance. Their condition he noted is threatening.

The victim, had gone out to purchase a candle at a nearby shop following a power outage in the area.

Rio 2016: Ghana's 14-yr-old swimmer Kaya Forson eliminated

Ghana’s teenage swimmer, Kaya Forson, failed to qualify to the next stage of the women’s freestyle swimming after finishing third in the 200m women's freestyle heat 1 in the ongoing Olympics in Rio.

Kaya made the time 2:16.02. She was the first Ghanaian to compete at the games.

Born in Canada, the 14-year-old was given a spot at the Olympic Games by FINA, the world’s swimming governing body, after competing at the FINA World Championships in Karzan, Russia, in 2015.

Kaya competed in the women’s 200m freestyle heats during the FINA Swimming World Championships on 4 August 2015, a key requirement for qualification to the Olympics.

Below is the 200m women's freestyle swimming Heat 1 results:

Matelia Buadromo - 2:05.49

Shivani Kataria - 2:09.30

Kaya Forson - 2:16.02

See through wooden sign

 Today, a client told me he wanted signs to guide his customers through his bar. The signs where to be subtle, but still clearly show the direction. They must also be able to blend in with the rest of the interior when not in use.

After a day of experimenting, this was the result, a wooden slate milled so thin that light pass through from the inside, leaving people puzzled when it turns of, only leaving a clean, untouched surface.


3D printed cookie cutter

Got a sudden craving for christmas cookies, so i decided to 3D print a cookie cutter to produce the cakes. Christina Lewis designed the cat graphics, which was used for the cutter.I extended the features creating the imprints of the eyes and other facial structures of the cat. This gave me a problem, as the dough needed to be uniform, or else, the markings would not appear correctly. 

I solved this problem by milling two rims for the rolling pin, ensuring uniform thickness of the dough, as well as cutting a perfectly parallel slab of the dough. How convenient.

Progressing with the screwdriver case

Here is the latest progression on the screwdriver set. Now that i had made one functional prototype of the drawer, the time had come to produce five of the new improved versions.

After generating toolpaths, the parts where milled from plywood and aluminium. The plywood parts where to be milled from both sides, so three wooden dowels where used to ensure that the material lined up from both sides.

Then, once i had five aluminium frames, and five wooden trays, i had to begin drilling the holes for the small brass screws that hold the frame in place. As much as i enjoy operating the CNC machines, there are something special about forming material by hand. Therefore, grabbed my toolbox, and began the process of marking, drilling and countersinking the holes.

After ensuring that the screws did infact fit in the aluminium frames, i mounted the frames to the wood. Using one of my favourite tools, a brass hammer i made my self some time ago, i hammered the frames onto the wooden trays.

Then using another of my selfmade tools, the small parallel clamp, i secured the two pieces together while i predrilled the hole for the screws. Then, i mounted the piece on a small board with a welding clamp, and inserted the threee screws.

As i had not used Bitrafs lasercutter for quite a while, i decided to produce a temporary rack to store the drawers in when i am not working on them. After some thinking, i came up with a quick design in Fusion 360. I took roughly half an hour to cut.

Thats it for now, the next thing i will have to do to finish this project, is to lasercut the wooden inserts for the aluminium frames. Then i will need to cut the final wood cabinet in wich the drawers will sit.

Wooden case for wrench

As i have been working hard the last week, i needed to take some time off, and relax my own projects. So, today i made a wooden case for one of my most used tools, the wrench to change the tools in oour CNC machine.

First, i began scetching an concept, in Autodesk Fusion 360.

Then, the cutting commenced:

After Some sanding and oiling, i assembled the case, glued on the velvet, and suddently, i had this sitting on my desk:

This was a fun quick project, all together, it took less than three hours.

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