Testing out 3D milling in Fusion 360 once more

Today i did some more testing of Fusion 360`s CAM module.
I made a sample 100 X 100 X 50 body, then made a  T-spline plane ontop of it. I then gave it some random topography to work with.

After boundary filling , the part is ready for Toolpath generation!

I intended to run the first files in foam, so i ramped up the feedrate to 3000mm/min @ 15000 RPM.

I used 10mm two flute HSS tools from GARR for this job, a ballnose for the topography, then a flat end for cutting out the part.

The results where good! At 2,5 mm stepover, the toolpaths are clearly visible.

I continued to use the same file for testing in wood. This was made using only adaptive clearing with a HSS 1FL6 from norswiss.