I prefer to use lasercut wood washers to mount the material on the CNC, aswell as keeping the piece from moving under cutting.
This part were cut from 5mm polyethylene, a very soft material. Therefor, it had to be secured well before cutting.

The washer are cut to spec, so that they fit exactly in the slot.

This part needed to be chamfered around the outer perimeter. To allow this, it had to be secured with a number of washers and screws. Itwas not possible to avoid collision with the washers on the thin parts, so these where hold down with wood washers, while the rest of the part where secured with steel washers.

In this example, i was making a table, and the legs where to be chamfered from both sides. To acomplish this, i cut a jig for the part from some scrap wood. As this jig where cut by the machine itself, i can now position the part perfectly in the machine each time.

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