Autodesk Fusion 360

Yesterday, i and Christian Anker from bitraf spent all day produsing parts using Autodesk Fusion 360's CAM module. We produced the toolpaths on my macbook air, then seamlesly beamed them over to the CNC machine using Dropbox.

The more we learn about production technology, the more we can reduce the turnaround time from concept to reality. For the case of the two copper pieces below, that time ended up at 43 minutes.

Before the copper parts where made, prototypes where made in aluminium. The 3D milling where done at 25mm/sek, with a 1/8 inch ballnose mill.

This assembly is the hammer parts of Koka nicoladze´s new instrument; the solenoid drummer.

As we did further adventures into CNC milling with the shopbot, Christian anker decided he wanted to produce the build platform for his huge part for his 3D printer.
As it must be perfectly flat, it had to be facemilled. We decided to do this with this 32 mm milling bit.

This is the finished part rigth after milling:

Since teaching Christian to mill aluminium with the shopbot CNC machine, he has produced a number of parts for his 3D printer: