Woman Sentenced to Prison for 3 Months for Having Loud S£X

A woman has been sentenced to 3 months in prison for practicing ‘my neighbours know my name.”

The woman, Amanda Warfel, 25, from Pennsylvania pleaded “guilty to disorderly conduct after she kept her neighbors’ children awake with s*x so loud it shook their furniture for the last two years,” reports MailOnline.

She was ordered to spend 45 to 90 days in prison.

Though Amanda Warfel has already served her sentence, she remains in prison for other charges.

Her neighbor-Tanya Saylor said “Warfel, who shares a bedroom wall with their two teenage daughters in a York row home, had made their life ‘a living hell’ for the last two years. There was loud music, racial slurs, and s*x that only got more noisy when they complained,” the website states.

‘No child should ever feel like they’re in a p*rn every night,’ Saylor told the Indy Star. ‘All while being threatened at the same time!’

Saylor says the problem became unbearable to the extent that she began giving her daughters headphones at night before they went to bed and bought a television for their room to help drown out the sound.

But that was not enough as Warfel’s harassment, which could go on to 3am, still kept the girls up—such that they would struggle to get up for school.