Never Let Negative Thoughts About Your Size Weigh You Down’ – Plus-Sized Bride MzzNaki

Mzznaki Tetteh has become an overnight celebrity ever since she stood up for herself and kicked the asses of internet trolls who were fat-shaming her.

Her impressive self-confidence has become an inspiration to plus-sized women around the world who are constantly depressed because of their size. She said several people slide into her inboxes to share their weight insecurities and how she is inspiring them.

“My inbox is constantly flooded with messages about weight issues and insecurities and how I inspire some of you. I’m beyond honoured to think my life is making some impact,” she said in a new Instagram post yesterday.

“You should never let negative thoughts about your size weigh you down or keep you from living your dream life. If I had listened to nay sayers I would never be a nurse, I would never drive a car, I would probably go around wearing sack cloths with my head covered.

“I would never have opened a social media account and never posted any pictures online. Never let the petty minded busy bodies determine how you live your life. A life half lived should not be yours my lovely people!#stillconfident….”